Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Great American Meditation Challenge Transforming 100,000 American Minds

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One Oregon woman is challenging Americans to transform their relationship to the idea of "waiting" by turning waiting rooms across the country into meditation rooms. She has launched a nationwide campaign called the "Don't Wait - Meditate Challenge" to help people across the America utilize the estimated 42-50 mts a day that they spend waiting for miscellaneous events to happen.

“The goal of the Meditation Challenge is to help 100,000 people develop the habit of meditation,” says author/speaker and founder, Lisa Hepner. “The Meditation Challenge ‘challenges’ people to make meditation a habit in their daily lives. Because the truth is that while most people are aware of the benefits of meditation, MOST people do not have a regular meditation practice.”

Hepner is taking her campaign to where people wait most - doctor's offices, where magazines are replaced with flyers that introduce readers to meditation as well as providing tips on how to meditate as they wait. In addition to doctors offices, holistic centers have jumped on board with the campaign. All participating folks are invited to follow up their mediation by going to the Don't Wait - Meditate web site and sign the official meditation pledge, for which they receive free pod casts offering meditation techniques. For those seeking a bigger commitment, sign up for the "21 Day Meditation Challenge" that offers participants a "meditation coach" available daily (for a very modest fee).

The innovative idea already has over a dozen clinics clinics signed on, with a broader slate of participants expected in the horizon. So next time you find yourself flustered and waiting, just remember harmony is one good OM away.

For more information on how to participate in the "Don't Wait - Meditate Challenge" or the "21 Day Challenge" go to

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