Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fashion World Sensation, Duro Olowa, Turning Ethnic Chic High Style

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Duro Olowu is adding a whole lot of excitement and joy to Eco-Fashion, thanks to his explosive fusion of color, dazzling mix of ethnic prints and the beautiful flowing lines in his 70's influenced designs.

Olowa hails from Nigeria and has been blazing through the fashion world, getting rave reviews from industry insiders including a nod from the internationally renowned British Fashion Awards. The designer combines recycled and custom designed fabrics, that play artfully against ethnic jewelry. The result is nothing short of a visceral extravaganza.

"I think fashion should be joyful – it shouldn't dictate to women but it should invite them into the fantasy of the designer who is making them," he says.

It's clear, Oluwa's high style clientele and the fashion world, have fallen "heart and soul" for the joyous fantasy of Duro's Oluwa's world .

Oluwa's pieces can be found at Barney's New York or through his London Boutique at 020 8960 7570

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