Monday, January 7, 2008

The Making, and Unmaking, of a Green Pessimist

--Feature Story: Consumption Junction w/John Rooks--

Some readers have accused me of trying to sabotage the “green movement.” Most people point to my article “Green Bubbles Pop Too” on Marketing Profs as an example of a self-fulfilling prophesy. Au contraire, mon frère.

You see, most people are confronted with the shiny pretty face of green marketing and language. Most shoppers only feel the good love surrounding conscious cleansing consumption. And who can blame them from swallowing it all whole and turning a blind eye?

I, however, am confronted with the black-purple underbelly of the beast. As the founder of a bi-coastal design studio focused on environmental and social issues, I get a back-stage pass to see the twisted, manufactured and meaningless-barbed messages about “going green.” We analyze this stuff for a living and make them case studies for what NOT to do.

Ok, I confess to being a first-rate pessimist - though one of my resolutions this year is to fight that knee-jerk - but it’s so damn tough when we are confronted with images like the one above.

The world is already filled with meaningless messages about going green. Let’s not junk it up any more with gutless propaganda promoting consumption as a way of life.

*Note: Above ad is from a campaign for the NSW Mineral Council (a mining lobby group)

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