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Healing Winter Illness Through Essential Oils - An Insider Guide

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I happen to love the winter. Give me glass of wine by a cozy fire and weekends short on plans and long on slow-cooked dinners and I’m a happy girl. I especially love this part of the winter, after the holidays when things slow down and snow cancels school and brings sleigh rides and snowmen. Oh, but what about the coughs and colds, you may ask? What about the sinus headaches? What’s a holistically-minded mom to do?

Essential oils to the rescue! There are single oils that I would never be without during the winter: eucalyptus radiata, melaleuca, rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, and clove, and blends made from these like R.C., Thieves, and Purification -- that support respiratory systems and boost immunity. The blends I’m mentioning here are by Young Living, a brand that I’ve found to be exceptionally pure and that I’ve used on my family for more than five years. Aromatherapy from true essential oils brings fragrant warmth to the dry cold days, and eases the symptoms of colds, flues, coughs, and earaches. Applying essential oils to my children gives me an additional excuse to cuddle and bond with them, too. Here’s a short rundown of usage guidelines:

Dilute essential oils when not using therapeutic grade, and when using on children under 3.

  • For respiratory distress, use R.C. on chest and throat. For chronic coughs and bronchitis, use the oils in a cool-mist diffuser in the bedroom at night.
  • For earaches, apply R.C. or eucalyptus around the ear (never put essential oils in the ear canal) several times a day until pain subsides.
  • For sore throats, a drop of melaleuca alternifolia on the tongue helps to fight infection and soothe pain. Be sure to use therapeutic grade!
  • For tummy distress, a drop of peppermint on the belly is very soothing.
  • R.C. rubbed on sinuses relieves sinus pressure and headache, and helps fight infection.
  • 1 part lavender to 4 parts coconut oil is a soothing ointment for diaper rash.
  • Raven, a blend containing ravensara, is anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and works well for lingering coughs.
  • A few drops peppermint in a spray bottle with water is a wonderful room freshener, and opens up congestion.

Use essential oils to bring a bit of nature indoors this winter. See how much your children enjoy using them, and how much you enjoy their natural healing benefits for your whole family.

Lisa Fyfe is a contributing columnist for The Lohasian. Her column, “Life with Fyfe” provides a perspective on the everyday life of a modern holistic mom, as well as provides an insider look into best strategies for natural health and healing for the whole family.

Lisa is a Reiki Master, and an expert in Essential Oil Healing, and has spent the last several years extensively researching traditional diet and nutrition, with a focus on “whole,” locally grown and raised natural foods. She is a married mother of two children, Sophie (4 1/2) and Max (6months). Lisa approaches mothering as her highest calling, and believes that all mothers are natural healers and enjoys helping mothers (and others) help their children through the use of a variety of natural modalities.

Lisa is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, and her website can be found at

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