Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Natural Healing Alternatives for Auto Immune Diseases

--Feature: "Heart of Healing with Dr. Christopher J. Fischer, N.D."--

Auto Immune Diseases are complex multi system disorders affecting a growing population of men and women. The underlying similarity of these disorders is the bodies immune response to it’s own normal tissues. By monitoring and reducing inflammation, the damage to tissues and organs can be minimized and therefore improve quality of life.

While research on genetic therapies holds promise to reduce or eliminate future cases of this class of disease. Conventional drug therapies can have debilitating side effects which reduce patient compliance and well-being. Here are some of the many alternative options to get you on the road to health and well being.

  • Nutritional counseling is essential to avoiding foods which increase inflammation and emphasizing foods which reduce it.
  • Essential fatty acids including fish oils and flax seed oils containing the highest levels, complete with pro-inflammatory animal fats resulting in lower overall inflammation measurable on standard SED and CRP blood tests. By monitoring these inflammatory blood markers as well as antibody levels, the damage to primary and secondary organ systems can be minimized.
  • Testing and subsequent removal of foods allergens also contributes to decreased overall inflammation and improved absorbs ion of dietary nutrition and supplements.
  • Supervised therapeutic fasting and detoxification is routinely effective to decrease digestive inflammation, correct metabolic pH, and promote waste elimination.
  • Therapeutic dosages of vitamins A, B and C have shown immune stimulating and pain relieving abilities when closely monitoring through blood testing.
  • Deficiency of blood mineral levels particularly Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium and Manganese have exacerbated fatigue, tender point sensitivity, and immune suppression.
  • Digestive enzymes particularly protease (protein digesting enzymes) are particularly effective at reducing the digestive absorption of inflammatory proteins from the diet.
  • Low hormone levels can contribute poor organ function as well as overtaxing other organs in the endocrine system. DHEA often ignored, is a precursor to Estrogen and Testosterone and a strong indicator of the bodies level of stress resistance.
  • Herbal therapies such as Tumeric, Ginger, and Boswelia have shown anti-inflammatory actions comparable to prescription medications without the potential of damaging other organs.
  • Homeopathy can provide both physical and psycho-emotional benefits for acute and chronic symptoms without dangerous complications with prescription or nutritional therapies.

Provided patients have a willingness to embrace change to diet, exercise, and stress reduction combined with compliance with strategic nutritional/herbal/homeopathic supplementation, major successes can be achieved in reducing or eliminating debilitating symptoms and progression of Auto-Immune Disease.

Christopher Fischer is a Naturpathic Physician and is the President of Natural Health Specialist in East Northport New York. He received his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.

Christopher regularly collaborates with traditional healthcare providers to assure for continuity of care. He has also has worked extensively in various therapeutic capacities in traditional medical settings including; the Swedish Hospital in Ballard WA, Saint John's Hospital in Smithtown New York and South Oaks Hospital in Amityville New York.

He frequently lectures on Naturopathic Medicine and natural healing, and has been a contributing expert for American Spa Magazine, Creations Magazine, The Northport Observer as well as the Natural Health Show on METRO TV (NY). He is the proud father of two boys and resides in East Northport New York.

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