Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to the "r-Evolution" or Why the World is Actually Getting Better

What in God's name is happening to this world, when car companies are turning into healthy lifestyle curators, (Lexus Hybrid Lifestyle) and soda companies are infusing vitamins into tin cans (Diet Coke PLUS) ? Whatever happened to the days where we longed to be like that lone cowboy on the Marlboro ads or the latter day version of the urban honcho driving a hummer ? My my how a few years can turn things around.

Celebrities have become the voice of living green and living clean - lifestyle that is. The message from Hollywood is clear in every (non Lyndsey or Britney) feature story - grab your bottled water folks (which hopefully you recycle) and head in to town for a little bit of Bikram Yoga. Steam those flawless cheeks with aromatherapy infusions or better yet get some facial acupuncture for the healthy alternative lift. We laugh at Paris Hilton attempts to become a humanitarian as we praise Brad and Angie for saving the worlds orphans and making the world a little greener (in New Orleans). We have become expert "sniffers" of false altruism. Our hippest celeb's arrive in Prius' to awards shows as we sit in our living rooms actually wanting one.

Fast food joints plaster caloric counts side by side to the pictorial temptations, and potato chips specify the healthier oils that saturate every tasty bite. A walk through the supermarket aisle in middle America now promises more whole grain nutrition and low sugar options than any "good ole boy" could ever dream of (or want). And long gone are the days of Birkenstock 's being the symbols of environmentalism as the stiletto set has infiltrated the green scene with a booming Eco-Fashion biz that is infiltrating runways in all major cities, and creating a few of their own.

Even our pets can now eat organic, get detoxed with a little Milk Thistle, or get acupuncture treatment from chronic conditions. Holistic and integrative wellness is not just for the two legged anymore. How did the insurance companies start covering acupuncture and daily meditation sessions become a perk at large corporations? How did shows like "Biggest Loser" promoting a healthier lifestyle make it to Prime Time or Super Nanny for that matter pitching more Mindful Parenting ?

I look around and feel like I am in the midst of nothing short of a culture revolution - minus the "r" ...that's right an evolution. How could so many industries, across so many products decide to step up and simply "do the right thing." It is false to believe that evolution (assuming you buy the theory) only happens on the flesh, it happens in the mind and spirit. We have evolved for centuries to assure for our survival. We have become simply - better.

I look around and I feel as if I am bearing witness to a great unfolding - of the evolution of the consciousness of the time. It did not begin now, but it seems to have gained velocity at the moment. Industries and humans, as distant and different as the mind can grasp are aligning (some faster than others) towards a more "enlightened" approach to existence - simple ideas of sustaining our well being, creating connections with others, honoring the natural environment, getting connected to our spirits. It is a big idea that has nothing new to say. Times are a 'changing and I believe for the best.

Next time that you find yourself harping on the harsh realities of the world and swimming in your sea of cynicism...look around and take note, the world is changing. Are you?

Julia Z.Fenster

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