Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prince Charles Arrives as a Hologram to World Energy Summit - Showing Possibilities in Eco Friendly Business Travel

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Turns out Star Trek was actually a bit green, as "beaming up" turns out to be the most Eco friendly solution to travel. Just this past Monday Prince Charles did, as a hologram delivering a speech on cutting greenhouse emissions at the "World Future Energy Summit" in Abu Dhabi - further solidifying his position as the “green Prince.”

The Summit drew some 2500 delegates from around the world (many from oil rich middle east nations). But the Prince chose to avoid the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from the associated air travel and instead beamed himself in – as a hologram from a speech he gave last year. The presentation was interesting, but the hologram that delivered it, was most fascinating aspect as it presented an impactful presentation on alternatives to environmentally costly business travel. Here is a snippet of the coverage of the speech covered by Associated Press;

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