Monday, January 14, 2008

Sustainable Dance Club Hits Rotterdam - Introducing "Human Powered" Night Life

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Whoever said clubbing is a meaningless activity for the young and inebriated, clearly never heard of the Sustainable Dance Club. The concept and design for the Sustainable Dance Club was created by Enviu and architecture firm Döll – Atelier voor Bouwkunst. The club concept is entirely sustainable and in part "human powered" through technologies and applications developed by the partnership. The initiative seeks to ultimately bring sustainability to the night life, and has already launched its first initiative at a club in Rotterdam to huge success. The organization ultimately hopes to sell its designs to night clubs worldwide. Enviu has a strong and dedicated commitment to sustainability concept as a whole, and incorporates initiatives that fall outside of the technology the companies created. It defines its views on sustainability for night life as follows.

1. The core activities of clubbing (lounging, dancing, flirting, leaking) are rethought and reshaped in a sustainable manner. Sustainability thus is not an additional feature, but integral to the complete clubbing experience.

2. Sustainable thinking and acting are integrated in the core business of the club (e.g. programming, marketing), the overhead (e.g. cleaning, water and waste management) and the design (architecture, interior and technologies).

3. The central sustainability themes - water, energy (heating, cooling, music, lights), waste and materials - are all addressed in achieving a sustainable club environment

4. The goals of a sustainable dance club are threefold:
* Creating awareness with the club-owner and the clubber
* Reducing the usage of energy, water, waste, and materials to a minimum (with the ultimate goal of an autarkic club)
* Producing warmth, water and energy from core processes

To achieve some of these ambitions the company uses proven technologies such as grey water circuits, sustainable (renewable) materials, wind turbines and solar panels. But goes even further by integrating human movement and human experience into the sustainability design.

Moving, sweating, body heat all interface with the environment, from powering LED lights through a movement powered dance floor, to changing wall colors effected by body heat.The innovative design truly pushes the boundaries of sustainable thinking, by creating an incredibly interesting value chain between the DJ who is to inspire the club attendees who power the "light show" and various other elements of the the club - creating the ultimate atmosphere and experience. The Sustainable Dance Club is not only an exciting example of sustainable design but an innovative and artful expression in and of itself.

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