Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tom Hanks Helps Africa Get Connected

--celebrity + charity + global relief--

Information is power - and as much of Africa is cut off from electricity on most of its continent it is has no access to information about everything from the political climate to the weather climate. Freeplay Lifeline radios offer an innovative solution through a wind up mechanism, or solar power.

On February 1, Tom Hanks and Ebay partnered to auction off 10 celebrity autographed lifeline radios which helped raise $13,000, and helped some 10,000 children and adults get access to Freeplay radios. Having these radios helped these families get access to information to improve the quality of their lives. The effort was also produced with the support of Creative Artists Agency and Auction Cause, an Los Angeles based auction management agency.

“The extraordinary technology of the Freeplay Foundation’s Lifeline Radio can bring vital information to isolated people all over the world,” said Tom Hanks. “For example, right now there are more than 13 million children orphaned by AIDS. Most can’t attend school and can’t afford batteries or electricity to power a radio. The Freeplay Foundation can hand these children a lifeline to the outside world by giving access to radio programs that teach them how to grow their small garden plots to feed themselves, take care of their chickens or goats, and prevent deadly diseases like malaria and AIDS.”

For more information on this important initiative see the video below of Tom Hanks, and check out to see how you can help empower others through access to information.

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