Thursday, January 10, 2008

European Airline Goes Organic - Targeting the Booming Health Conscious Market

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Sterling Airlines, a European Airline which operates flights to regions within Scandinavia, just announced that it will be introducing organic food on all scheduled flights. The airline is the first carrier in Northern Europe to offer the healthy option.

"In-flight food has never been especially exciting, but we have decided to change all that," said Michael T Hansen, the airline's commercial manager. "In close co-operation with nutrition experts and our catering company, we have developed some much tastier products which are at the same time healthy and 100 per cent organic."

The tasty options include fare for adults and kids. The move is an exciting development, pointing to the increasing consumer demand for healthier organic foods, and healthier lifestyle options in general. On a recent flight we received face spray infused with lavender essence and organic lip balm. What flight acupuncture and reflexology, with a meditation session in first class - sign me up !

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