Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paris' Gets Eco-Friendly With Ambitious Electric Car Program

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One of our most favorite cities in the world is getting it right again! It appears Paris is getting a bit more earth friendly and is ready to launch a rental system that will utilize an astounding 2000 electric cars. The rental program is based on Automobiles-en-Libre-Service, that has subscribers picking up a car (without booking) at a multitude of sites and leaving them anywhere in the city.

The cost of the Eco friendly system is just a few euros (hourly), making it affordable for nearly anyone. Two electric models are in the running: the Blue Car project, which hosts three-seater and features a 156 mile range and the Cleanova that is inspired by the Renault Kangoo van.

The electric car rentals will be a fantastic complement to the already popular Parisian bike rental, Vélib (pictured below). The bike rental program operates some 20,000 bikes that can be picked up at any of the 5000 stations city wide. Both the car and bike initiative were spear headed by the very popular Mayor Bertrand Delanöe, who is looking to turn Paris into a world Eco-capital.

The food, the wine, the sites and now you can get to them all with ease, while leaving a smaller footprint. Ah..Viva La France!

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