Friday, February 1, 2008

The Art of Recycled Glass - Fire and Light Tableware for the Eco-Chic

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One can’t help but be amazed at what can be done with all that glass that you are hopefully putting in those bins, putting out by the curb or taking to your local recycling center yourself. One company really stands out in this arena, by turning all that simple recycled glass into artful tableware.

The company is Fire and Light and they have taken an age-old craft combined it with innovative manufacturing (using more than 91% recycled glass)and added pigment to most of the pieces they produce to create an imaginative and luminous product that is conservation conscious and Eco-Chic.

Fire and Light got its start in 1995 after a partnership was formed with the California Community Recycling Center along with some local investors. Together they came up with the idea to crush their recycled glass and turn it into a raw material to be sold in and out of the area. Fire and Light completed the “recycle” process by making a product out of waste while still conserving natural resources and energy consumption. The company has since then been purchased (1999) by a couple, and along with their team of 20 employees are now selling their glass to specialty stores and galleries throughout the country.

Fire and Light has not stopped there with their innovative recycling ideas. They strive to find new ways to incorporate recycled goods into their business production process, whether it's tumbling broken dishes to make Sea Glass, a product used in aquariums and decorating, or using recycled beer kegs from local microbreweries as vats to cool their ladles used in the manufacturing process. The commitment to being earth friendly is seen in nearly every aspect of their business.

The best part is that these dishes and glasses are dishwasher safe for us lazy folk. What more can anyone ask for ?!

To view more of Fire and Light products, or where to purchase their brilliantly conscious glassware check out:

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