Friday, February 1, 2008

Celestial Seasonings Goes Organic - Health Food for the Mass Consumer Market Heats Up

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In another sign of changing times, and the boom in the conscious consumer market, Celestial Seasonings (owned by HAIN CELESTIAL Group) announced this week that it is adding a line organic and Fair Trade coffee to its line up.

Although the company is making lots of statements on releasing a coffee product versus the usual tea products that they are use to, clearly the bigger story here is a the move to deliver an organic Fair Trade product to a mass consumer market.

This is one of many large food and beverage companies offering healthier alternatives. From COKE offering vitamin infused soda to Hershey's chocolate offering an organic alternative, the market is responding to the changing sensibilities of buyers. What makes such moves interesting is how they will impact smaller organic companies who have made a market for themselves selling products that previously were not available anywhere else.

With the move of big players into the organic space, organic companies will have compete aggressively in simply offering a better tasting and/or better priced alternative. Whereas this might be a challenge to such players as far as competition with the big boys, it is a positive trend for the organic consumer who is guaranteed to get a better tasting and better priced product as the market heats up, and gets more crowded.

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