Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Supporting Design That Transforms the World, One Community at a Time

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Design has fundamentally transformed the world since the beginning of time. From that first sling that knocked a bird out of a tree for a meal, to the advent of the wheel - design fosters the most basic building block of progress. One organization has launched that is taking this principle in its purist form. The organization is Project H Design, and its ambition is spelled out in its clearly defined tag line "product design initiatives for humanity, habitats, health and happiness." The charitable organization (and its site/blog) seeks to support,inspire and deliver such initiatives.

The organization's online destination profiles a slate of design organizations and initiatives that help global communities in need. One great example of a simple design technology that Project H is highlighting is the Hippo Roller, for which they are currently raising funds. The device is a rolling barrel that holds 3-4 days worth of water for a family of seven. The barrel holds five times the amount of water than can be moved utilizing traditional methods. A simple apparatus like the Hippo Roller allows for millions of people who depend on daily fetching of water to free up their time for more productive economic and educational endeavors, critical to the advancement of communities.

In April Project H travels to Africa to visit the manufacturing plan for the Hippo Roller and to personally hand out fifty of the devices in South Africa. Right now Project H is seeking to raise money for ten more rollers, and is hoping to get support from readers like you. Each roller is $100 and helps support an entire family, and a donation of $1000 is estimated to provide ten rollers - enough to support an entire village.

To learn more about the great work of Project H, its other initiatives, and the fund raiser for the Hippo Roller, please go to

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