Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nielsen and Natural Marketing Institute Partner to Serve the Booming LOHAS Market

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The conscious consumer market that lives a lifestyle of health and sustainability (otherwise known as LOHAS) has been heating up for several years now. As segments within the market (organic, sustainable products, alternative healthcare etc.) heat up, marketers need increasingly sophisticated understanding of the consumer behavior of this demographic to address the booming demand from the business sectors seeking to serve this global population. Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a market research and strategic firm specializing in the LOHAS sectors has just formed a partnership with the industry leader The Nielsen Company to enable the highest level of market intelligence.

This relationship is intended to drive smarter decisions in areas of product development, positioning, pricing, communication and distribution to meet LOHAS consumer needs. The collaboration will involve Nielsen integrating NMI's proprietary segmentation model into its Homescan Consumer Panel and Spectra Behavior Scape Framework. This approach will be able to quantify (for both partners) LOHAS consumer attitudes, psycho graphics and behavioral patterns into their actual purchase behavior. The information derived will hopefully provide the types of goods and services (and help define their production and distribution) that speak intuitively to the educated and integrity driven consumer that comprises this population.

“Together, NMI and Nielsen offer an unparalleled level of ongoing insight into the LOHAS marketplace that no other company is able to provide,” said Patti Marshman-Goldblatt, senior vice president, NMI. “For manufacturers and retailers, a key benefit of this relationship is the prospect of attaining and tracking greater ROI by identifying and targeting shoppers across the whole spectrum of LOHAS consumers and their varying degrees of Eco-engagement.”

For more information on Nielsen, go to www.nielsen.com or the Natural Marketing Institute, go to www.nmisolutions.com

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