Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Great Design Sensibility Meets Global Philosophy - A Look at E'Bella Designs

--FEATURE: "Conscious Chic w/ Laura Dichtl"--

With the intent to create a bridge between cultures and to maintain integrity in the global market, E'Bella founder Nicole Linton has emerged as a top designer who produces sensational "functional art while supporting traditional artisan communities in Peru." Linton provides income to the artisans who produce E'Bella products thereby sustaining ancient weaving customs and in turn creating an effective link between the modern world and ancient traditions.

E’bella’s handcrafted rugs, pillows & accessories are made with the finest alpaca wool, cotton fibers and natural dyes. Ancient Technique combined with fresh modern aesthetics adds value to the products while creating style and design for the home.

As a designer, I follow the notion that the home is an expression of oneself and speaks volumes about the person living in it... hence why many of us are so neurotic with them (or maybe I speak for myself, and my own home here). My goal in my work with my clients is to incorporate pieces that portray the kind of people they are. The need for comfort, warmth, functionality and originality combined with Eco-friendly materials, whenever and wherever possible, are the driving force behind every piece that I contemplate purchasing. E'Bella pieces are the type of carefully selected items that I am always searching for and firmly believe can not be overlooked.

E'Bella Designs will spruce up any home with their modern graphics that are simple yet vibrant. Decorating never felt or looked so good. You’ll love e bella!

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Conscious Chic is written by contributing writer Laura Dichtl, President of La Peruse Interiors. Laura is a respected interior designer with over fifteen years experience working with high end residential and business clients in the East End (Hamptons), North Shore Long Island and New York City.

Laura's inspired environments have earned her a reputation as a design and life-style expert. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines including Hamptons and HOME Magazine's. Conscious Chic by Laura Dichtl covers the best in "style" for the conscious consumers.

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