Friday, March 7, 2008

The Art of Monumental Waste - Artist Steven Siegel Reinvents Trash

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The excess of most our lives is best represented in the heaps of waste that we leave behind. From car parts, to E-waste, to all the massive debris filling up landfills - our remains are as much of a statement of the enormity of our consumption as it is about the question of how much of that matter we ever needed in the first place. A recent piece on The LOHASIAN on the massive waste accumulated through junk mail, 44% of which goes unread is a perfect illustration. Some artists are basing their work around the issue of waste - some protesting it, while others creating new life from discarded objects. One such artist is Steven Siegel.

Siegel creates monumental sized sculptures and installations that repurpose waste into domineering forms that live in forests, parks and gallery's. The presence of his work, manifested by the sheer scale of each piece, is both humorous and overbearing. They never fail to remind you of just how much waste it took to create each piece, and yet how much more there is produced every second. Siegel's work also has a certain unexpected elegance to it, and in that somehow his work reinvents the ugliness of the magnitude of our "remains."

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