Friday, March 14, 2008

Belgium Backs the Worlds First Zero Emmissions Research Center in the Antarctic

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Belgium is known for many good things; great art, beer, french fries...and now - the world's zero emission research center right in the middle of the Antarctic. O.K maybe not in the same category as beer and fries - but certainly at least as big of a contribution to mankind.

The research station was funded by the Belgian government and will be acting as a technological showcase for better understanding climate mechanisms. This station is the first to use renewable energy sources and Eco-friendly construction, including some eight wind turbines and solar panels powering the station (located in the Sør Rondane mountain range). The result is approximately 80% less energy use when compared to similar research facilities. The station is set to open next year.

To learn more about the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, go to their site at

Here is a video report on the launch of the station, courtesy of Reuters

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