Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chicago Puts Its Windy City Reputation to Good Use, With Cool New Wind Powered Tower

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Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architects is dreaming (and will be behind the building) of an incredible green tower in Chicago that is guaranteed to wow even the biggest Eco-skeptics.

The tower is called the "Clean Technology Tower" and it sits on the edge of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, promising outrageous views from all sides. 1.8 million square feet of office space with 300,000 square feet of hotel space (with spa, of course), will amount to a whole lot of sustainable style. The building is designed on the principles of "biomimicry" (inspired by nature's design), and will include innovative uses of wind energy including wind turbines located on the building corners and a domed double roof to capture air for a large wind farm and the use of negative pressures to ventilate interior spaces. In addition, parts of the massive structure are shaded by photovoltaic cells that capture southern sun. The cool green structure gives yet another reason to love the windy city (and for its good thinking on how to put that wind, to good use!)

For more information on the structure, check out the Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architects SITE

(Inspired by a post on Jetson Green)

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