Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cosmetics Industry Announces OASIS: America's First Ever Seal for Organic Cosmetic Certification

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Origins, Aveda, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal and some twenty six other beauty companies are behind the founding of America's first organic standard for the beauty and personal care industries. The companies are founding members of the Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards, or OASIS, a membership based organization comprised of global brands, third party and private label manufacturers to small specialty companies.

The new certification will require for 85 percent certified organic content in the product, far exceeding the 10 percent certified organic content in the European certification called ECOCERT. OASIS anticipates sustainable packaging standards to be the industry's next benchmark.

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For more information on OASIS go to, or for ECOCERT go to

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macpro said...

When you're writing something please first check it carefully! The mentioned by OASIS 85% of certified organic materials is NOT the percentage of all ingredients in the formulation, only of ingredients EXCLUDING water and salt.
ECOCERT requires (for organic cosmetics) minimum 95% natural or natural origin ingredients (including water)of the total, MINIMUM 95% organic certified ingredients on the total of plant ingredients (EXCLUDING water), and min. 10% organic certified ingredients ingredients on the TOTAL ingredients (INCLUDING water - the main ingredient of almost all cosmetics). These standards already exists 5 years and, in my opinion, the certification bodies in the USA (also NSF International) are more or less copying ECOCERT.
Best regards from Poland