Friday, March 21, 2008

Eco-Stylish Down To Your Feet:
Earth Friendly Rugs For the Conscious Chic Home

--Feature: "Conscious Chic w/Laura Dichtl"--

Another great find I had to share with you. A California based rug manufacturer who has really taken eco-friendly to the next level and has been able to produce rugs that are not only 100% natural New Zealand Wool, but they are 100% an absolute Wow!

Larson Rugs offers natural New Zealand wool in several styles that are quite frankly inspirational for me as a designer. All rugs are available in silk, cotton and/or linen. All customized to your liking. No more excuses left to go and buy that quick impulse rug at your local run of the mill shop now. Buyers remorse is quick to follow as inevitably those impulse purchases make their way into garages and storage rooms and inevitably, into our landfills.

Larson offers nothing short of heirloom quality – meant to last and be loved for generations. You will be pleasantly surprised by how many styles there are to choose from. Larson also offers custom made rugs in any size or style imaginable (if you are looking to do something truly unique in your home). You can choose from their undyed natural colored rugs for your bathrooms and low-traffic areas, to dyed, shaggy, ultra shaggy, sheared and multi colored rugs that are fun, colorful, cozy and most importantly...”chic.” For an added bonus they offer doing lettering on the rugs like initials for instance, say for fun kids rooms, or imprinted logos for corporate use.

I am always keeping an eye out for unique eco-conscious products for my clients in general. Eco conscious is not only being earth conscious, but people conscious – especially those with environmental allergies. Larson rugs are a great alternative for those with allergies, who don’t want to skip having a rug altogether (just remember to vacuum frequently!). As the rug is made naturally, the rug is not treated with chemicals, synthetic glues or latex’s and is especially gentle and safe for the littlest home inhabitants (who often spend the most time playing on the rugs).

I am not only impressed by the look and content of their products, but also their user friendly website for easy ordering (that get's a special thumbs up for featuring happy smiling sheep on their homepage). It’s so simple to use with clearly stated available sizes and prices and even what showrooms you can order them from. End to end, Larson meets the demand for the discerning conscious chic consumer.

So dig out those measuring tapes and start imagining the rug of your dreams. You’ll make your toes happy sinking into a Larson creation, and put your mind at ease knowing that it was feasible to surround yourself with great earth (and health) conscious d├ęcor. And all of this right at your fingertips!

For more information on Larson Rugs go to

Conscious Chic is written by contributing writer Laura Dichtl, President of La Peruse Interiors. Laura is a respected interior designer with over fifteen years experience working with high end residential and business clients in the East End (Hamptons), North Shore Long Island and New York City.

Laura's inspired environments have earned her a reputation as a design and life-style expert. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines including Hamptons and HOME Magazine's. Conscious Chic by Laura Dichtl covers the best in "style" for the conscious consumers.

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Anonymous said...

It may be all-natural, it may be organic, it may even be a good choice for someone with environmental allergies. But it certainly does not take "eco-friendly to the next level" to fly the woll from the opposite side of the globe to California to make the rugs.

This is a bad case of greenwashing. It's important to find local sources for raw materials.

When you're shopping, buying locally produced items is only half the story. Where are the materials coming from?