Friday, March 28, 2008

Handbags For A Healthy Planet

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Every fashionista probably thinks a good handbag can cure a whole lot of problems...perhaps not global - but at least personal (nothing like a little retail therapy - right?!). But now that sentiment can actually be put to good use, through the good work of Montreal based Eco-Handbags.

The online retailer sells from the chicest to the wildest handbag creations all from recycled materials. Looking at the selection, one is stunned by both the variety of styles and the variety of products that lent themselves to the production of these bags. From denim jean, to chopsticks to inner tubes and 35 mm slides - nothing is without fashion potential in the eyes of the designers using recycled materials. Prices are as reasonable as the handbags are cool. It's never been easier to do well by the planet...while looking fabulous.

For more information on Eco-Handbags - go to

(Pictured above from top to bottom, recycled skate board handbag, recycled candy wrapper clutch, recycled 35 mm tote)

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