Monday, March 10, 2008

Louis Vuitton Tries to Get Mindful w/"Life is a Journey" Campaign

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Is Louis Vuitton getting mindful on us ? Can it be that the $2000 handbag maker has life lessons to offer - besides high glamour and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Well, watching their new "Life is a Journey" campaign (developed by Ogilvey, Paris)- one certainly would be lead to believe.

The soft lightening and even softer music, with flashes of text touting "life is a journey" and so is your vacation, certainly makes one want to pack a bag and set off on ones own journey...but we wonder if the path to self discovery is truly paved with high priced leather goods.

One thing for sure..the new campaign reaffirms the growing economic power (and market size) of the conscious consumer. See the ad below..and tell us what you think?

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