Sunday, April 13, 2008

Minorities & Indigenous Groups:
The Forgotten Victims of Climate Change

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Reuters just released a story about the finding in the "State of the World's Minorities 2008" report from Minority Rights Group International (MRG).

The report showed that minorities and indigenous people bear the brunt of the climate change crises. The report cited examples of poor response to providing aid to this demographic in cases of natural disaster as well as the hardest hit areas impacted by climate change often being the areas inhabited by this demographic... specifically noting the plight of the Dalits of India, the Roma of Slovakia, the Rama of Nicaragua and the Inuit of the Arctic as examples. Of course top of the list of problems cited in this study was industry's big footprint in indeginous communities citing mass clearance of land for bio-fuels and impacts of mining. The report said it was high time the poor and marginalized people of the world were put on the political map.

"There is now a greater urgency to make these voices heard in the climate change debate," said MRG's policy chief Ishbel Matheson.

The moral here speaks loudly - when caring about the's climate, it's "health" and it's welfare, we need to care for it's people alongside, all of them - not just the ones that look like us, speak like us, and live near us. In a beehive, every bee has a function and purpose, in this hive we need to recognize we have the same. We need to become increasingly aware that disturbing Eco-systems is just as perilous as disturbing the human Eco-system, made up of elaborate webs of social communities that create a delicate "systemic social harmony."

Here is a fascinating talk on the subject given by Majora Carter, elaborating on the imbalances of the Eco movement in minority neighborhoods in the U.S. called "Greening of the Ghetto." Carter is a Macarthur Award winner and founder of Sustainable South Bronx, an organization dedicated to holistic community development.

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