Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nissan Opens Green Headquarters on the Wetlands of Tennessee

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Nissan is hoping to make big news with its $100 million "green" headquarters its been building on 50 acres of wetland in Tennessee.

The ten story, soon to be finished, building will be a Eco-friendly oasis for some 1500 employees who can delight in a "light harvesting system" that dims and shuts off (automatically) some 460,000 square feet of office space. Amongst other features, the facility also offers computer operated sun shades which will automatically open and close when needed like giant eye lids, redirecting heat from sun light with reflective visors.

"You heat the people and not the space," said Rob Traynham, the company's director of corporate services, who notes that the one feature alone will allow for the company to consume up to 35% less energy then a traditionally designed building.

Although the company is making some good green claims, it none the less will not be be seeking a seal from the U.S. Green Building Council, saying the prefer to spend money on restoring wetland than "getting a plaque on the wall." USGBC spokeswoman Ashley Katz described Nissan's decision as "unfortunate."

We are sure that the failure to secure certification will bring the headquarters under more spotlight once open - to see just how green, or green washed, they are.

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