Saturday, March 8, 2008

SAAB 9X BioHybrid Snags Geneva Motor Show "Best Concept Award" - An Inside Look

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Winner of the Best Concept Award at Geneva Motor Show, this past week, the SAAB 9-X BioHybrid is the vision of what earth friendly auto culture is all about. From solar powered roof top to a 1.4 litre Bio Power turbo engine and next generation hybrid system that produces 147 kW, the vehicle delivers some 200 clean hp.

“We are thrilled that our work has been recognized with this prestigious award,” said Anthony Lo, Director of Advanced Design t GM Europe. “The 9-X BioHybrid is a vision of what a future compact car from SAAB could look like. It is designed to reflect the priorities of youthful customers who seek progressive looks, responsible performance and high-tech communications, all in a sporty, fun-to-drive package.”

Here VP, General Motors Europe - Mark Adams, from Geneva Motor Show on the details of the machine

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