Monday, March 10, 2008

Spice Girl Melanie Brown Battles Sex Trafficking
... in the Nude (?)

--celebrity + charity + global relief--

From girl group hot shot to dancing prime time star, Melanie Brown has made media headlines with her fast dance stepping. Now the Dancing With the Stars sensation is set to make headlines with her curves rather than her moves, by posing nude for a good cause.

The charity is the Helen Bamber Foundation, an organization founded in 2005 that works to stop sex trafficking and works to benefit victims of the sex slave trade. Brown recently posed nude for a charity campaign for the organization.

“I posed to confront my fears of being naked,” said the 32-year-old. “Unlike victims of trafficking, I have a choice.”

The comment might seem redeeming, but the logic still seems questionable. Sex trafficking is an act of violence against women, fueled by the rampant objectification of women. Posing nude for a sex trafficking charity, makes about as much sense as a fur auction for an animal rights cause. Good intentions, clearly, don't guarantee good ideas

To learn more about the good work of the Helen Bamber Foundation go to

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