Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Time Cleanse for Body and Soul

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Now that there are signs of spring propping up all around, I'm feeling the urge to get things in order and prepare for the warmer weather. It just seems natural to become more active as the days grow longer and the temperature rises. I usually do a short cleanse at this time of year, as it feels good to me after a long winter of comfort foods and reduced activity.

When cleansing, my approach is moderate. I've done the Master Cleanse; for me, once was enough. I enjoy food too much to deprive myself for more than three days, and frankly, I'm not sure that fasting is healthy for an active mother of two. I need my protein and nourishment for the hard work of mothering. So, this year I'm considering reducing my meat, dairy and protein intake for a few days and increasing water and veggies. During this time I'll reduce my exercise to bouncing on a small trampoline to increase lymphatic drainage.

The interesting thing about going on a fast, modified or not, is that it is a spiritual exercise, as well. When I become mindful about eating, I realize just how unconsciously I eat normally. Food is something that most of us take for granted, and by slowing down it is possible to see the many reasons that we choose to eat throughout the day. Slowing down during a cleanse gives me a chance to think about the number of people that worked to make the food available to me, or the animals that sacrificed their lives in order that we have food. Although we are not vegetarians, we buy our meat and dairy from small local farms and we make it a practice to thank the animals for giving their lives in order that we have food to eat. I think it puts things into perspective, and teaches our children to respect our food.

While fasting, I find it easier to meditate and focus on the limited time we all have on this planet. The food we take into our bodies is literally the fuel that keeps us living, and temporarily reducing that fuel, we can feel true hunger. True hunger differs from the constant desire to eat. It has a gnawing, ache-y feel. By connecting with the many people on this planet that live with that gnawing hunger, even if only for a short time, I am brought out of my small world and given the opportunity to feel compassion for others who are in a less fortunate situation than my own. It reminds me of just how many gifts I have, and even if only for a short time, I feel genuine gratitude.

Happy Spring.

Lisa Fyfe is a contributing columnist for The Lohasian. Her column, “Life with Fyfe” provides a perspective on the everyday life of a modern holistic mom, as well as provides an insider look into best strategies for natural health and healing for the whole family.

Lisa is a Reiki Master, and an expert in Essential Oil Healing, and has spent the last several years extensively researching traditional diet and nutrition, with a focus on “whole,” locally grown and raised natural foods. She is a married mother of two children, Sophie and Max. Lisa approaches mothering as her highest calling, and believes that all mothers are natural healers and enjoys helping mothers (and others) help their children through the use of a variety of natural modalities.

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Anonymous said...

hi fyfe.

nice post! nice and simple is the way! dig the trampoline, sounds fun and easy to get motivated toward.

don't forget though to increase organic veggies (since conventional are yucky, unfortunately)!

come check out my blog at the Healing Space with Todd Pesek, MD

also, i wrote a spring radiance post a while back, here it is:
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