Monday, March 3, 2008

Why Your Mailbox is Causing As Much Pollution as 3.7 Million Cars

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What destroys 100 million trees and causes as much pollution as a whopping 3.7 million cars? No its not a "Eco-riddle," it the sad reality of junk mail.

Each of us receive about 848 useless pieces of junk mail trying to sell us more useless "stuff." Some 44% of this annoying marketing doesn't even get opened and instead lands in our landfills. In total 105 BILLION pieces of junk mail make it into mailboxes each year.

If these statistics are as absurd and disturbing to you as they ought to be - go the link below on and sign a petition to create a "Do Not Junk Mail" registry - similar to the "Do Not Call" registry (one of the most famous consumer rights bills ever passed.

Make your voice heard HERE.

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We also have a petition for the "Do Not Mail Registry" at And while you're at it, you can sign up to have your junk mail reduced by 90%. If we all keep at, we will make an impact; check out the impact of reducing junk mail at