Monday, April 7, 2008

Happiness and Beans:
Cooking as a Celebration of Life

--Feature: "Life w/Fyfe: Confessions of a Holistic Mom"--

I think cooking for my family has made me a happier person.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of work, especially when you cook traditionally. But it’s connected me to my family on a deeper, more satisfying level. Take yesterday’s dinner, for example.

I made the baked beans recipe from "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. The beans (organic beans are very affordable, especially when you purchase them dry) had to be soaked for 24 hours before boiling. And the beans needed to bake for six hours in the oven. Since I was a little under the weather and we were not going anywhere, I used the oven, but if I had to run out I would have put them in the Crockpot. The smell of tomatoes, molasses, garlic, and onions filled our house — which just makes me happier, and I think it makes my kids happier, too. So, while there was a significant amount of preparation, the actual work was minimal. And it tasted delicious.

The challenge for me is to find ways to balance the extra work that living a natural lifestyle requires and a modern life. I manage pretty well by connecting with like-minded mothers and letting go of the constant pressure to “keep up.” Since I gave up "keeping up," I’ve lost some friends (and realized that they were not real friends to begin with)– but I’ve gained some of the best friends I ever had. Real evidence that I’m on the right track.

Lisa Fyfe is a contributing columnist for The Lohasian. Her column, “Life with Fyfe: Confessions of a Holistic Mom” delivers a perspective on the everyday life of a modern holistic mom, as well as provides an insider look into best strategies for natural health and healing for the whole family.

Lisa is a Reiki Master, and an expert in Essential Oil Healing, and has spent the last several years extensively researching traditional diet and nutrition, with a focus on “whole,” locally grown and raised natural foods. She is a married mother of two children, Sophie and Max. Lisa approaches mothering as her highest calling, and believes that all mothers are natural healers and enjoys helping mothers (and others) help their children through the use of a variety of natural modalities.

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