Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Environmental Art Perspectives:
"Inside the Green Museum"

--art + architecture + design--

A man weaves green willow into big meaty monster-knots to help control erosion. A woman interviews a mom who lives near a Superfund site. A whole team of people build a fountain that runs on rainwater. An artist and a scientist collaborate to design a field of plants that suck heavy metals from the soil.

It's all environmental art. It's all art that dialogs with nature; increases our understanding of it; analyzes and celebrates it.

It's pretty much all we talk about at greenmuseum.org. We're a website, a digital archive, a database, a community forum, a tool for environmental artmaking and artists. Our pages include writings, photos, exhibitions and descriptions of current and past projects from around the world. There's no physical building or place in time that could house the many interpretations and realizations of Land Art, eco-art, Bio-art or "art in nature". We do the best we can online, with a staggering amount of help from the community.

Here at the LOHASIAN we'll be offering up bi-weekly analyses of the waves and pages of info we accumulate from artists and bloggers so that you can experience some of the environmental art yourself. No traipsing through the woods required (but strongly encouraged). Hopefully you'll be inspired to support and create your own environmental art and help us build a more sustainable culture.

Moe Beitiks

(Image above is the cover for the "Environmental Art 2008 Calendar: Contemporary Art in the Natural World." The calendar was produced by greenmuseum.org in partnership with Amber Lotus Publishing)

Moe Beitiks is the Blog Editor for greenmuseum.org. She is also a writer, gardener, artist and biofuel lackey living in Oakland, California.

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