Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finding a Spiritual Practice:
Sacred Moments Beside the Noise

--Feature: "Living Loud w/Joy Rose"--

The alarm clock rings. My Blackberry vibrates on the dresser next to the bed as the first series of e-mails start to trickle in. It’s barely light outside. Every day in the midst of chaos and an overflowing schedule, I keep a few rituals sacred. These are the things that help sustain me as a mother, artist, businesswoman and human being.

The first of these rituals involves prayer. Before I get out of bed, something like a prayer falls off my lips. Often it rolls off my lips like a desperate plea, “God help me’. (Sometimes LIVING LOUD feels more akin to wailing, than to honing the craft of artistic self-expression) Then, focusing down, I run through the list of things to be grateful for.

Gratitude is a way of life for me. There are so many simple things that are so easily overlooked. Health, home, children, air, sky - They go from specific to general. It’s amazing how taking the time to pause initiates a deeper sense of connection. Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away or a walk around the block is better than no walk at all, two minutes of forced prayer usually result in a clearer more grounded, and more graceful outlook.

Downstairs on my way to make breakfast for the kids, I stop to light candles and petition angelic intervention for those in need. I keep a prayer book with the names of friends and family with health ailments and other requests. Lighting the candle and meditating on those names I recite: “May I be at peace. May my heart remain open. May I be a source of healing to all beings. May I be healed.” Something about the light, the words and the intentions make me feel I’m doing something positive for the people I care about, often when there isn’t much else I can do. When I see someone in my community, at a club or on the street it feels good to shout, “I’ve been lighting candles for you.”

At 6:30 I begin the rounds of waking kids for school. By now my heart’s in the right place, the coffee pot is on and the griddle is heating up. We all share one bathroom in my house. There are four of us and timing and toileting can be an issue. We stick to a schedule and that makes the basics of cleanliness work, just like my simple spiritual practice makes the essentials of sustaining a spiritual practice a no fuss, no muss deal.
By seven o’clock I am aligned.

The last step involves dealing the angel cards during the last few moments of quiet before the kids descend. Angel cards have become a staple for inner guidance and things to pay attention to. They never lie to me. There are several different makes and models of angel cards. I most appreciate the Healing With Angels, Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. They’re available online at

There’s no science to reading these cards which is why I like them so much. They’re beautifully illustrated and have simple messages. They form the basis of my thoughts for the day. Of course I have my favorites, like ‘New Love’, ‘Manifestation’, ‘Answered Prayer’ and ‘Miracles’ and my lesser favorites like ‘Body Care’, ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Surrender’. But, as we all know – there aren’t really any bad cards. Just things to be aware of, and that’s why these cards speak to me. They focus my attention where it needs to go.

As the sounds of feet hitting stairs and shouts to ‘get out of the bathroom’ ensue, I know I’m as well prepared for the day as I can be. I’ll approach MAMAPALOOZA, band rehearsals and the shouts of my children with more compassion and thoughtfulness because of these rituals. So far, there isn’t an angel card that says ‘LIVE LOUD’, though after standing in my shoes, listening to my children running through the house and talking to women around the country who are intent on finding their modalities of musical self-expression I’m sure there should be.

(Next time we learn about the details of getting an international festival off the ground – May is coming and it’s almost MAMAPALOOZA time ! )

This post is Part II of "Sustainable Mothering for a Sustainable World, by Joy Rose" - for Part I, go HERE

Joy Rose is a contributing columnist on The Lohasian. Her column "Living Loud With Joy Rose" explores self development ideas and tools meant to inspire and mobilize women to create an extraordinary life. Joy is the Founder and President of The Motherhood Foundation and Mamapalooza; a multi platform event, music production and entertainment development company that specializes in creating media brands to empower mothers and other women nationwide. Mamapalooza's unique message reaches an estimated five million consumers each year.

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