Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Four Legged Vegans:
Rotterdam Zoo Goes Vegetarian

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Looking for some inspiration to go vegetarian ? Well look no further than than the ...zoo!

Animal experts at the Rotterdam’s Blijdorp zoo are so impressed with the positive effects of a vegetarian diet on animals health that they have decided to wean their animals off all meat and put them on a vegetarian diet throughout the course of this year. The new menu is set to start today April 1st.

The zoo's director, Ton Dorresteyn is deeply committed to this move, and feels strongly that the new diet will show major benefits to the zoo's animal family. Sounds good, but we can't help but feel for those lions ...soy steaks and veggie burgers for the king of the jungle ?! We are sure there is an animal rights group out there just dying to "sink their teeth into this."

For more information on the Rotterdam’s Blijdorp Zoo go to their SITE

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