Monday, April 21, 2008

Healing and Soothing Effects
of Herbs and Essential Oils

--Feature: "Life w/Fyfe: Confessions of a Holistic Mom"--

Someone recently asked me about the difference between essential oils and herbs, and it got me thinking about what really appeals to me about aromatherapy. Essential oils are sort of instantaneous and sensual, and I feel a response immediately even if the result I’m looking for takes place over the next few hours or days.

Herbs are food, and for that reason, I love to use them to support health, as well. They feel more gradual to me, and never seem intense, although people who use herbs tell me that they can evoke a powerful response, I’ve only used them in very gradual doses, in teas, like peach leaf and raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy. They taste good, feel supportive and are very helpful. Essential oils can be intense and need to be diluted when using with children, but their power appeals to me, and there is a sensual and physical phenomenon that occurs when I use them that I find very appealing. The scent of an essential oil can fill a room in moments and I find the energy changes immediately. They are at once calming and focusing. They are complex and alive and the fragrance changes the closer it gets to the nose.

For years I used to wear perfume. As a teenage girl I used Love’s Baby Soft, and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. Now, when I walk through a mall and I smell the synthetic fragrances, I get a slight headache. And when I smell someone wearing perfume it smells flat to me. The fragrance never changes no matter how long the wearer has it on. That never happens with essential oils. When it is first applied the fragrance is very strong, but it immediately begins evaporating, and changing. If attention is paid to the various notes, the complexity can be compared to the many flavors found in good wine. So, even when we’re all healthy and happy, I simply enjoy the way they smell.

Lisa Fyfe is a contributing columnist for The Lohasian. Her column, “Life with Fyfe: Confessions of a Holistic Mom” delivers a perspective on the everyday life of a modern holistic mom, as well as provides an insider look into best strategies for natural health and healing for the whole family.

Lisa is a Reiki Master, and an expert in Essential Oil Healing, and has spent the last several years extensively researching traditional diet and nutrition, with a focus on “whole,” locally grown and raised natural foods. She is a married mother of two children, Sophie and Max. Lisa approaches mothering as her highest calling, and believes that all mothers are natural healers and enjoys helping mothers (and others) help their children through the use of a variety of natural modalities.

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