Monday, April 28, 2008

Leasing Solar Power to the Masses

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It seems like everywhere you look now companies are trying to drum up simple, efficient, and increasing more affordable means for you to get more Eco-conscious with your lifestyle. So far, using solar power has been the one big opportunity that has remained, for many, simply too cost prohibitive. Enter - Solar City...a new company looking to make it cheap and easy for everyone to go solar.

Foster City, California based Solar City has developed an incredibly affordable leasing program that allows for you to get a 2.4 kilowatt system in place for as little as $70/month...and if you sign up before July 31st they'll even set you up with no money down at all (usually runs $1-$3K). The leased program is being financed through Morgan Stanley and intends to offer for customers a one stop shop for both installation and financing (think car leasing).

“We can essentially make it so that everybody can now afford clean power,” said Chief Executive Lyndon Rive.

The company is making their program available in California now and is expanding into Oregon, Arizona with plans to hit the East Coast thereafter. They serve residential, commercial and government clients and can install solar panels on any style of roofing (see above three represented styles).

At the price of cable T.V, if Solar City has there way, you will be able to cut down on your bills while giving back to the planet. We're rooting for you guys!

For more information go to the Solar City SITE

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Anonymous said...

Central Florida is trying very hard to institute programs like this, too. Everyone who tries is to be commended. We also need programs such as Solar Richmond to help drive dollars and social justice into the issue.