Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Legendary Primatologist Jane Goodall Honors Visionary Youth Around the World

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This week the legendary primatologist Jane Goodall symbolically passed the torch to the next generation of change makers at the Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit. The week long event explores how each individual can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet and will include participants from 28 countries on six continents.

Since Goodalls rise to fame in the 1960's through her ground breaking study of Chimpanzee's in East Africa, her life's passion has been to inspire youth to work towards a more humane world. The now 74 year old Goodall spends some 300 days a year on the road using her fame to inspire young people to act on critical issues within their communities. The summit honors inspired young people from around the world manifesting extraordinary contribution within their regions.

Among the group honored are individuals such as Chi-Chung Lin, 21, who advocated throughout Taiwan for the use of reusable chopsticks (2.8 million disposed daily), and 23 year old Weldon Korir of Kenya who founded a youth group working towards HIV and malaria prevention. The group honored represents the spirit of the best of what is possible for our future.

Speaking at the summit, Henri Landwirth, 81, a Holocaust survivor and longtime philanthropist behind such foundations as Give Kids the World, reminded the young people that his work and the work of his generation was nearly over.

"I am one of a dying generation. You youth have to do it," he said. Looking at the amazing group at the summit this week...the future certainly looks bright.

For more information on the Global Youth Summit, go to their SITE

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