Monday, April 21, 2008

Phoning In a Healthy Planet:
The Earth Day "Call for Climate" Initiative

--celebrity + charity + global relief--

Tomorrow April 22 marks Earth Day, one of the largest global events of the year. First produced in 1970 by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, the event now marks it's thirty eighth year through a massive global campaign including every day citizens, thousands of organizations worldwide and countless celebrities lending names to efforts around the world focusing on global warming and a cleaner environment.

One such effort especially worth noting in the U.S is the Call for Climate initiative which encourages people to call Congress and demand climate change action to be taken. The effort is planned by the Earth Day Network and is one of the thousands events the organization is backing, including; Breakfasts, Scuba diving contests, celebrations, parties, wine and food festivals, marathons, and concerts. The Call for Climate initiative is a unique effort asking participants to literally make their voices heard and call for immediate change from our policy makers. Celebrities recently spoke out on the effort.

“It doesn’t take a doctor on Scrubs to tell you our climate is changing,” said Zack Graff (of Scrubs) who has joined Kevin Bacon and Chevy Chase in recording messages encouraging people to support the campaign. “Earth Day Network wants you to call Congress on Earth Day, April 22, and ask them to take tough and fair action on climate change. Put this number in your phone now – 202 224 3121. That’s Congress. Ask your representative or senator to bring us a healthier climate.”

Wherever you find yourself tomorrow - commit to at least one activity that shows your commitment and interest in preserving our planet. In the mean time, jot down the number above...and put that phone to good use !

For more information on the Earth Day Network go to their SITE.

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