Friday, April 18, 2008

Scientific Inquiry Into the Spirit:
Dalai Lama Speaks at World Renowned Mayo Clinic

--body + mind + spirit--

There were was a time-not too long ago, where the stuff of science and spirituality was much like church and state (at best). These days it seems like science has taken hold of spirituality hoping to quantify both its origins and its benefits. Weather it is exploration into the nature of the "God particle" or studies into benefits of Tai Chi on Diabetes, or research into Meditation and it's curative powers on any number of health conditions, spirituality and science have become the new bedfellows. Perhaps nothing is more telling than a private meeting happening today in Rochester Minn.

The meeting is a private event at the world renowned Mayo Clinic and is for employees only - featuring none other than the Dalai Lama himself, side by side on a panel with Mayo Clinic CEO Glenn Forbes and author and psychologist Daniel Goldman. The esteemed panel will head up a discussion on meditation, lead by no doubt one the worlds leading on the subject. The Mayo clinic has been outspoken on the benefits of spiritual practice. It will be exciting to see the outcome of this interesting event (not to mention hopefully a You Tube video in the days to come !)

For more information on the Mayo Clinics perspective on the benefits of spirituality, go to their SITE.

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