Friday, April 18, 2008

Spiritual Nourishment:
How to Feed Your Soul in a Busy World

--Feature: "The Conscious Path w/Dr.Jennifer Howard"--

We are all bombarded by the outside world with endless numbers of things vying for our attention and our time. There are so many distractions. Many of us go from place to place trying to figure out how to get everything we want and need done.

From hundreds of television channels, endless Web sites and endless interesting blogs to the every day life duties on our “to do,” “to know” and “to see” list, it never feels done. And besides, if we are being conscious, we have our physical body demands with preparing good food and getting our daily exercise. We also must attend to our jobs, our house, our children, and our relationships. Then there are all the cultural requirements of keeping up with what is deemed important.

With all these different agendas, how do we fit it all in? We become more conscious of how we spend our time. We know from the deepest reaches, time is endless. We also know from our day-to-day living, time can seem to evaporate. Most of us can say we are not sure where time goes. Sometimes we are not spending it as wisely as we could. In our ordinary consciousness, there are 24 hours in a day. How do we choose to spend our precious time?

By becoming more aware of our choices around time, we can empower ourselves. We can choose to feed the deeper part of ourselves. Feeding our soul can become part of our daily agenda. We can make more conscious choices. Take a moment to tune in and ask what is truly needed. What does this deeper self need for personal growth and spiritual growth in order to integrate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves? Sometimes it only takes a minute to tune in and give ourselves soul food. We could choose to read some inspirational material while we are on the exercise bike, listen to helpful tapes while we cook, take five minutes a day to journal and ten minutes a day to start a meditation practice. What stops us from our soul’s longing? Often it’s the choices we make about what appears to us as life demands and distractions that catch us.

Let’s allow ourselves to be more mindful of how we are consumed by all that life throws at us. We can ask ourselves:

  • How are we distracted?
  • What choices are we making around time?
  • How can we make choices that come into greater alignment with our life’s purpose?

Our true-selves are calling us. It’s up to us to turn away from all of life’s distractions and just take a moment of time to listen.

Jennifer Howard, Ph.D. is an internationally known psychotherapist, Integrated Kabbalistic Healer®, life coach, educator, and author. She maintains private practices and is co-founder of the Healing Path Center with offices in New York City and Huntington, L.I., New York, as well as an extensive phone practice.

As a licensed psychotherapist, Dr. Howard brings together 24 years of experience, extensive training and expertise in mind-body psychology, meditation, and a variety of the healing arts. Dr. Howard has been frequently seen as an expert and featured guest, on national television shows including, The Maury Povich Show, Turning Point, America’s Talking, Rolanda, Charles Perez and others. Before becoming a psychotherapist, Howard was a professional actress and dancer. Her book "Changes That Last", publication date to be announced.

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