Friday, April 11, 2008

When Style Get's Healthy:
Solay Salt Lamps For Ambiance and Wellness

--Feature: "Conscious Chic w/Laura Dichtl"--

Add flare, beauty and a touch of the unique to any living space while gently cleansing the air with Solay Wellness, Inc. natural salt crystal and rock salt lamps.

These beautifully lit lamps, are more than just pretty to look at - they're good for you ! Salt crystal lamps generate healthy negative ions that cleanse the air. Negative ions in the air are similar to the change in the air after a good rainstorm - the earths way of purifying itself. These lamps not only can transform the look and feel of any room with their varying styles, shapes, sizes and colors but also purify the air offering special benefits to people who suffer from respiratory ailments due to asthma, allergies, dust, smoke, and bacteria.

Crystal Salt was created millions of years ago, when the ocean waters dried up in various parts of the world. The crystal is hand excavated into various sizes and drilled inside to accommodate a light source. When lit by a small, energy efficient light bulb of 15 watt or less, the crystal salt emits an electrical charge, enriching our environment with health promoting negative ions. These ions are responsible for purification of the air.

The Solay salt crystals lamps colors come from the mineral content, including reds from iron, oranges from copper, and yellows from magnesium. Within one lamp may be a combination of colors. Each lamp is unique; hand chiseled using the best 250 million year old Himalayan crystal salt available.

Your bedroom is where they highly recommend you use these lamps since that is where you do the most healing while you sleep and are rested. The other area they highly recommend using these lamps are on your desk or in the office due the radiation that we are exposed to being around computers. This radiation is called Electro Magnetic Radiation which is known to cause various health conditions, including fatigue and low concentration.

All of Solay Wellness,Inc. salt lamps come from different countries that posses their own unique salt crystal, which varies in energy and aesthetics. They are hand mined in a socially and environmentally responsible manner while supporting Fair Trade and come with a lifetime guarantee as they supposedly never lose strength.

Experience the benefits of nature’s most abundant and healthful resource, along with other accessories for the home by logging on to their SITE

Conscious Chic is written by contributing writer Laura Dichtl, President of La Peruse Interiors. Laura is a respected interior designer with over fifteen years experience working with high end residential and business clients in the East End (Hamptons), North Shore Long Island and New York City.

Laura's inspired environments have earned her a reputation as a design and life-style expert. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines including Hamptons and HOME Magazine's. Conscious Chic by Laura Dichtl covers the best in "style" for the conscious consumers.

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