Friday, April 11, 2008

World Bank Warns of Food Crises as $54mi Worth of Food is Disposed of Daily

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The head of the World Bank is warning that rising food costs could present an emergency for the world. Speaking ahead of International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings in Washington, Zoellick called on rich industrial nations to immediately fill a $500 million funding gap at the UN World Food Program.

But as policy makers rally to find a means to address the issue, the public needs to ask themselves how beyond the rising cost of food - how the excess driven lifestyle fed by mass consumerism and a culture of waste contributes to the problem. How is it possible that Americans spend over $50mi a day on weight loss products when it would cost only $16mi a day to feed the hungry ?

Below are some eye opening statistics. The figures only represent the moment this post was generated at 11:15 AM EST

Take a look at the numbers..and ask yourself -- what do they say to you ?

World Hunger

Current world population: 6,662,308,126
Undernourished People in the world: 887,786,080
Overweight People in the World: 1,121,318,320
Obese People in the World: 334,138,414
People Who Died of Hunger Today: 2,891,616


US Dollars Spent Due to Obesity Related Disease: $ 115,863,785
Spending on Food Purchased and Then Tossed by U.S Households: $54,194,652
Spending on Global Food Aid Today: $ 2,521 485
Amount that would Allow to Feed The Hungry Today: $16,421,118
Spending on Weight Loss Programs and Products in the U.S Today: $50,591,477
Spending on Pet Food in Europe and U.S: $ 21,519,852


Tons of Food Wasted: 60,780
Tons of Global Food Aid Provided Today: 12,674
Percent of harvested corn,grains,soy beans fed to animals in Europe and North America: 80
Percent of Malnourished Children Who Live in Countries With Food Surplus: 78
Percent of Hungriest Nations on Earth That are Net Exporters of Food to Rich Nations: 90

(Statistics From World Health Organization amongst others)

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