Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Huge Protests Over GM Foods Confront UN Conference

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On May 12th Bonn, Germany witnessed a massive protest of some 5000 people protesting against genetically modified food. The protest took place before the UN Conference on Biological Diversity (May 12-16, 2008).

Campaigners, many waving colorful flags and banners with slogans such as “Biofuel Creates Hunger” and “Good Food Instead Of GM Food”, walked and danced through the western German city. Some drove tractors and floats.

“We are protesting for biodiversity and against the destruction of nature, against GM, for the protection of biodiversity,” activist Amira Busch told Reuters Television.

The conference comes at a time of soaring global costs of food and fears of worldwide food shortages. Protesters in Bonn say they also want to promote biodiversity as a means of ensuring food security. Participants at the conference discussed international protection measures for cross-border transfer of GM plants such as rice and soya.

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(Source: Reuters)

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