Thursday, May 22, 2008

Target and Barney's Partner to Deliver High Style Eco-Fashion to the Masses

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Going green might be good for the earth, but in many cases its also simply - good for business. From the countless retailers (both online and offline) peddling organic and fair trade products to designers creating Eco-friendly fashion exclusively or as an extension of existent brands...going green has become very good business. Now going green is also very big business, as Eco fashion designer Rogan Gregory releases an Eco friendly fashion line to none other than Target.

Gregory is a New York City based designer who launched a namesake collection back in 2001 which later became a a household name (in green households that is) as Loomstate. Loomstate might have had good intention in its earth friendliness - but judging from its price tags (average T-Shirt at $88) was for the select few mindful consumers. Gregory was also a name behind Edun , another pricey Eco-friendly fashion line. Now, thanks to a partnership between luxury retailer Barney's New York and Target, Rogan Gregory can finally reach the masses and spread the good green message of conscious style.

"Rogan Gregory is a talented design partner who will introduce a completely new element of fashion design to our guest," said Trish Adams, senior vice president, Target. "His expertise at fusing organic material with skillful design will show women everywhere how easy it is to be environmentally conscientious while remaining stylish."

The limited-edition collection is produced as part of GO International, an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion at Target created by world-renowned designers. All cotton used in the Rogan for Target collection is 100% certified organic, highlighting Rogan’s design sensibility of unique construction and a devotion to environmentally sensitive materials.

The exclusive women’s fashion collection launched on and at most Target stores nationwide on May 18, 2008, and will be available through June run, don't walk - to get your hands on some seriously affordable high end Eco-style!

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