Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Nature Sculpture Sketch Comedy
of Artist Kang Hee Joon

--Feature: "Inside the Green Museum"--

You may have seen the artist Andy Goldswothy's work in a big coffee-table book or in the film Rivers and Tides (see video below). Known for wandering out into nature and creating temporary installations using on what he finds on-site, Goldsworthy is famous for an ethereal and meditative kind of nature sculpture practised by many other Eco-artists.

If "meditative nature-sculpture" developed its own sketch comedy show, it might look like the work of Kang Hee Joon. Fascinated by the details and minutiae of natural life, Joon heads out and plays, sometimes creating artworks that involve his own face and body. The results are hilarious-- a reed becomes his frog like tongue, his head replaces a stone in a sculpture, or he simply places himself in the landscape, as if to say "I'm here-- this ain't no church."

Seeing a grown man good around with objects and concepts in nature reminds us of our own funny role in the ecosystem, and allows us to joyously reflect-- or just giggle a bit.

To learn more about Kang Hee Joon, you can go to his site at Kangnatureart.com

Excerpt of "Rivers and Tides" (Approx: 04:01)

"Inside the Green Museum" is written by Moe Beitiks who is the Blog Editor for greenmuseum.org. She is also a writer, gardener, artist and biofuel lackey living in Oakland, California.

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