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Nutritious and Safe Beauty:
An Inside Look Into Intelligent Nutrients

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Last month I attended the press event for the launch of Intelligent Nutrients, a unique brand of functional foods and nutraceuticals made with organic and biodynamic grown plant-active materials. The event was impressive as to be expected; a great lunch, a beautiful space and an eye opening and witty presentation by founder Horst Rechelbacher (also founder of Aveda) which included a look into the frightening realities of the cosmetic industry ( that many of the other press attendees seem to have found quite surprising and alarming). We were all sent home full, happy, inspired and accompanied by a massive box filled with nearly the entire line of products. I spent the last month using them, on myself and my family and frankly I'm converted.

  • The "Total Body Cleanser" feels and smells delightful (even my finicky toddler loves it...truly the ultimate critic). It washes off hair (non color treated) and skin easily leaving no residue and no dryness, but loads of shine. The product does not foam as much as their chemical alternative, and you will be compelled to use a bit more for similar results - but its worth it.
  • For color treated hair go for the "70% Organic Cleanser" - it cleans and nourishes without stripping your hair.
  • To give a big moisture boost to dry hair, do a quick 3 mt treatment prior to cleansing with the "Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil" ( a natural frizz killer). It smells nice, feels great and washes out easily. It's also great on dry skin (I slathered it on arms and legs after spending a couple of unexpected hours in the sun and my skin was felt quenched).
  • The "Organic Hair Conditioner" works well (especially the "70% Organic Hair Treatment" conditioner), but again you will need to use more to get that silky feeling you are use to after a treatment. My shamefully depleted highlighted hair took to the "Hair Treatment" conditioner well - quite comparable to other non organic conditioners formulated specifically for colored hair. I have been adding and leaving dabs of the treatment product on my hair hair without washing it out and it seems to give it some more needed moisture.
  • The "Detangler" like all the other products smell heavenly. My six year old's long wavy hair surrendered its knots with ease, and seemed to have acquired a new luster from the product.
  • The "Volumizing Spray" also does the trick (although my already too thick hair hardly needs it). I have even used it guilt free, on my ever so stylish six year old who wanted "rock star" full hair for her last play date.
  • The "Styling Gel" is slightly thinner in consistency then its synthetic counterpart, but provides the hold and definition I was used to.
  • The "Styling Creme" is light and feels almost weightless, and seems to help provide help to hair challenged by never ending frizz and the merciless wear of chemical process.
  • The "Hair Spray" was great, although probably provided more hold then I was use to. I loved the scent and the guilt free feeling of spraying something on my head that I knew wasn't poisoning me (or the planet).

Perhaps the only products that I have not been as wild about are the hair balm and the shine solution - both simply too oily and heavy for my hair (but frankly I have had no luck with either type of product, in its synthetic alternative)

The absolute highlight of the line are the essential oil mixes (called "aromatics"). I frankly can not say enough good things about them. They not only simply smell great, but really create the effect they describe on the bottle. Frankly, prior to IN's line I never used essential oils other than to help with healing specific ailments (peppermint to aid fevers or garlic oils for ear aches etc.). I never could have imagined - something that smells so good, actually being so good for you.

My favorites are "Nurture" (which I use every night before bed - and even let my daughter have a spray or two before bed) that has a mix of too many oils to list but with high notes of Lavender and Orange, "Focus" ( I use throughout the day and am simply in love with) that has pronounced scents of Bergamot and Jasmine, and "Attune" to just feel good (with yummy notes of Vanilla, nutmeg and orange and clove to list a few). My perfumes have stood lonesome and abandoned since I have been introduced to these wonderful alternatives. At $65 each they are a less expensive then many perfumes on the market, and are more effective and less harmful than traditional scents.

A couple of weeks following my introduction and unexpected conversion to the IN products I sat down with the company founder Horst Rechelbacher at the opening day of the LOHAS Forum 12, and discussed his inspiration and vision for the new line (after sharing my huge enthusiasm). His view was simple.

"Both chemical and non-chemical products can help you get the results you want - the only question is to damage or not damage" he said. “We’ve created something that has not been done before with Intelligent Nutrients. We’ve merged food science and cosmetic chemistry to create a new paradigm in beauty. We called it Nutritional Chemistry—it’s based on using only certified organic food-derived ingredients—substances the body recognizes and readily assimilates as nutrients in the body.”

Rechelbacher, the former founder of Aveda launched IN with more of a heart of an activist than the seasoned business person that he is - believing that consumers deserve transparency and integrity in the products they use, as his primary motivation.

"The cosmetics industry has not changed since the days of Aveda, now there is an organic perception, which is different from a real organic market for cosmetics and personal care."

Intelligent Nutrients products are the "real deal;" free of toxic petrochamicals such as plastics,parabens, pthtalates, sulfates, dioxanes, silicone and heavy metals. Instead replacing them with wholesome products that not only simply "do the trick" as far as their purpose, but actually are nourishing and healing. From hair products that "feed" the hair and skin to supplements such as the "Intellimmune Oil" product that is meant to be taken as a supplement, to a super anti oxidant and and immune boosting health bar (the Wunderbar) and Calming chocolate bar, Intelligent Nutrients offers an innovative lifestyle solution for the conscious consumer. Intelligent Nutrients line very simply pushes the limits, while truly "delivering the goods."

For more information on the full line and to order online go to Intelligent Nutrients.com

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