Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Organicism" and the Vibrant Life

--Feature: "Pleasure Healing w/Mary Beth Janssen"--

People worldwide are striving to make their lifestyle more organic. Organic has gone mainstream. It's no longer just about organic food. In 2002 the global organic market was $23 billion, by 2006 that market jumped to $36.7 billion. This is clearly not a fad. It's global proof that people around the world feel very passionate about mind/body health, and the health of our environment. At the same time frightening statistics have made it into mainstream media showing the dangers of non-organic alternatives.

  • According to a report issued by The Environmental Working Group, millions of children by the age of 5 have ingested up to 35% of their entire lifetime dosage of some carcinogenic pesticides. In varying degrees, these organophosphate insecticides poison the central nervous system.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency considers 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides, and 30 percent of all insecticides as potentially carcinogenic.
  • The National Academy of Sciences estimates that pesticides are responsible for 20,000 cancer cases annually.
  • The EPA's office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances estimates that 2.3 billion pounds of pesticides are applied annually to U.S. crops, lawns, gardens, parks, golf courses, and in general land surrounding our schools, churches, offices and stores.
  • The National Cancer Institute found an increased risk of leukemia in children whose parents used pesticides in their home or garden.

But organic living (and the organic boom or the last decade and a half) is beyond staying safe and protecting yourself and your family, it is ultimately about the vibrant life force that is inherent in all of creation.

Whether used as a noun, verb, or adjective—"organicism, organicize, organic"—my definition of organic is somewhat malleable, exploring the philosophical, biological, scientific as well as spiritual expressions of what it is to be organic. Some of you may define organic as produced without toxic chemical pesticides and nitrate-laden fertilizers, while others define organic as grown in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe. Indeed both definitions are correct.

Whether it is certified organic foodstuffs or natural time-honored ingredients found in the wide variety of organic products, organic is about enhancing healthful living and beauty. Every organism on earth is influenced by the delicate ecosystem of which it's a part. Our body is nothing less than its own ecosystem. If this delicate ecosystem is compromised by toxins, physical, mental, or spiritual, the life-force is assaulted and compromised. Living organically is about waking up and remembering our wholeness. It is connecting to, and nourishing of, the life force versus the depleting of it. This awakening is quite profound and can forever change your world. In the end, choosing organic is about enhancing healthful living and beauty. But one can even even take a deeper look into the roots of "organicism," by exploring it even on quantum level.

The human body is not simply static matter but rather vibrating energy. If we go to the deepest level, we are sub-atomic particles whirling around at lightning speed, on the verge of becoming matter. This fluctuation of energy and matter is life's cosmic dance. Seven million red blood cells blink in and out of existence in our body every second! Our pancreas regenerates virtually every 24 hours. Our stomach lining is regenerated every three days, our white blood cells every ten days, and our brain protein every month. We shed 100,000 skin cells every minute! As you can see, your body is constantly working to regenerate itself. To successfully enact this renewal process, however, the human body needs nourishment—proper thought, food and activity.

Choosing organic is choosing to support that vital renewal process. It is working with, versus against, your very nature and ultimately the nature of all of life. Making a choice for renewal is taking a stand to create a life for yourself and your family that is not only healthy, but vibrant and whole.

Mary Beth Janssen is a leading organic beauty and wellness expert, educator, and author. She offers a complete curriculum of highly experiential mind/body healing seminars, workshops and retreats. She speaks regularly at prestigious events worldwide—and has shared the same stage with the likes of Dr. Mehmet Oz, Bob Greene, and SuzeOrman, amongst others.

Janssen is also a certified Mind Body Health educator for The Chopra Center for Well-Being—having been personally certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra. She is also a certified massage therapist, aromatherapist, herbalist, and registered yoga teacher (through The Yoga Alliance). She writes for several media outlets including "ask the organic beauty expert" columnist for Organic Spa Magazine(

Her column on The Lohasian, "Pleasure Healing" explores the mind-body-spirit approach to organic wellness and beauty. Her fifth book Pleasure Healing: Mindful Practices and Sacred Spa Rituals for Self Nurturing is set for release in early 09'.

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