Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Economic Uncertainty as a Sign of Rebirth


It has been two months since our hiatus and our most recent post on The Lohasian...it's good to be back.  A seemingly short period of time and yet one marked by great change and a sort of universal revelation about our changing times.

The election in the U.S is fast approaching.  We await change, good or bad at least we anticipate something "different."  The economy has replaced feverish media coverage of the presidential candidates, the trivial goings on of celebrities or even critical issues like the war overseas.  The slow deterioration of our economy is being spun by pundits like a "big bang" as audiences stay glued to their afternoon news feeds with jaws dropped as the markets continue to struggle.  

The fall has arrived, a new school year begins - kids seeming older, a season growing colder..time is passing and the world is changing before our eyes and we can feel it, hear it, and almost taste it - it is shift and unrest that none of us can escape.

For me, personally, the last two months were marked by instability as well and great changes colliding at a feverish clip.  From sick kids to various personal travails to the harsh realization that plans for the next stage of The Lohasian will have to be somewhat redefined due to the economic climate - change and challenge have become the words of the time.  We too must weather the storm, redefine ourselves a bit and most of all be patient in this changing season (economic, social and literal).  But somehow within the unrest we sense a new beginning.  My grandmother had a great saying to explain such times, "Sometimes you have to shake the tree to get the dead leaves off of it."  I believe we are being shaken my friends.

It's clear when you look at the struggles of families and business owners, the struggles we face are marked by the inability to continue as we were.  Perhaps the lack of foresight of individuals and institutions and the inability to functions within "healthy moderation" is what financially got us to where we are - but like all things that exist out of balance...the system corrects itself or simply collapses.  Which fate awaits us is to be determined.  

It will be exciting to continue covering the LOHAS lifestyle in this coming second year, as the country and the world is faced with the backlash of unhealthy and unsustainable practices.  Family life will be redefined, values re-examined and policies reworked.  We are in the midst of a changing of the guard, in all respects.

We delighted to be back - and look forward to our continuing coverage of LOHAS in this changing world.

Julia Z. Fenster

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