Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life After the Day History is Made


It's sad to say but the last time I felt such a sense of global unity as I did yesterday, was right after 9/11. Back then we bonded in our sorrow over being wronged, yesterday we bonded in our joy over things somehow being made right. Obama becoming the 44th president of the U.S is a triumph of the very promise of America. In one big move the stuff of philosophy and rhetoric got catapulted so vividly into reality. The feel good day seemed only one part about Barack, and two parts about us - our ability to create something extraordinary and our joy over millions of people rallying around our common cause. It was our moment...a much as it was his.

It was exciting to see visions of Barack being sworn in, big smile and all, with Michelle and the girls hanging in the wings. But no comparison to the joy of seeing millions of people on TV in the audience watching him with baited breath, and streams of tweets on Twitter commenting on the millisecond happenings in D.C or countless posts on Facebook from friends "on the ground" and around the world. I guess Obama's greatness is that he is able to do what no president in my lifetime was as effectively able to do - turn the presidency into a very personal cause. He shattered the "us and them" sensibility of politics and handed us back some perception of real reigns in the process. What a feel good phenomena..after eight years of feeling disconnected and disrespected by our leadership.

Today is the first day of this "new era." I awoke to the same reality under my roof, but with a new spirit and yes, new hope. Like a freshly aired out room - somehow today I breathe better. Perhaps history has yet to be written for Mr.Obama - beyond his win...but one thing is for sure, hope is something he promised and he delivered before he ever set foot in the White House, for millions worldwide...hopefully its the first of many promises he keeps.

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't made this connection, but you are absolutely right. Yes we will! AND, glad to see you back!