Friday, January 23, 2009

High Tech Windows for Wellness (and Ambiance)
The Future According to Phillips

--science + technology + innovation--

From Phillips Simplicity Event 2007, a concept that brings together wellness with an Eco-Friendly technology. Imagine a window that let's you manipulate light, mood and overall environment with a gesture of the hand. It's nothing short of George Jetson view of the future, but with a more conscious approach. Features include;

  • Daylight Window with Personal Mood Setting -controlling natural and artificial light for a personalized room ambiance and enhanced outside views
  • Wake-up Transition - waking up with natural light and sound at a time of your choosing
  • Alcove Light Therapy -Artificial light for countering jet lag and raising energy levels

This window offers enhancement and control of the ambient and functional aspects of natural and artificial light. The elements in ‘Daylight’ can be used in many different scenarios such as:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals and care centers
  • Schools
  • Airport lounges
  • Sports medicine facilities
  • Your home

If Phillips has there way - long gone are days of Jet Lag and bad least while you're indoors.

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