Monday, January 26, 2009

India's Orphan Crises:
The Miracle Foundation Offers Hope

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There are currently 25 million orphaned children in India -- that's the entire population of state of Texas. "Lucky" orphans in India live in overcrowded, under-funded, government orphanages, the others simply live on the streets.

Eight years ago Caroline Boudreaux started the Miracle Foundation after returning from a visit to India. Unable to bear the poverty she had witnessed among Indian orphans, she knew she needed to help make a difference.

The Miracle Foundation renovates existing orphanages, builds new ones, raises money for construction and finds sponsors for children of all ages. The Miracle Foundation operates four Children's Homes and one home for unwed mothers and is currently preparing to begin facilitating domestic adoptions in India. Donations to MF provide healthy food, tuition, better living conditions, clothing, medical care and above all else a real chance at a better life for kids with no opportunities.

To find out how you can help make a difference through the Miracle Foundation, go to their site at

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Follow my blog chronicling my trip to India with the Miracle Foundation and their efforts to help the children of India: